Tuesday, January 12, 2016

All Black Everything

ALLSAINTS | New Year, New Arrivals
When it comes to shopping, if it ain't black, white or a shade in between, then I simply don't have time for it. There are the odd exceptions of course, but 99.9% of the time I'm strictly monochrome, which is why AllSaints is, and always will be, the way to my heart. Each season they bring me something else to add to my wish list, and this new January drop has me adding more than my salary can cope with.
Although I'm in Australia now and at the minute its our summer, I do still have a passion for knitwear, boots and coats - leather and otherwise - which is what I would say is probably the hardest part of living in such a hot country (aside from the obvious family factor). However it does still rain here and occasionally gets cooler in the evenings every blue moon. You can see I'm really trying to justify this can't you? So it's okay to put the shorts back in the wardrobe and get the thicker fabrics out now and then. Which is exactly the feeling I get when I look at the following:
First up, the Newton Cross Strap Boot. Absolutely to die for. When I first saw these delights on the brands instagram I immediately stopped scrolling and had to re-gram with a string of heart eye emojis. I'm just obsessed with them. There's nothing better than pairing beauts like these with either black jeans or leather skinnies and a really nice chunky knit. In January in the UK this would be my go-to outfit for the majority of the time. Oh how I miss the cold...
Next up is possibly the best weapon to battle the UK winter that I've seen in a long time. The Helm Wrap Cardigan is a lovely chunky wool/nylon/alpaca mix that eliminates the need to purchase that additional oversize scarf like we all do. I love that it stretches down to the knuckles a little for that extra warmth and comfort. I'd wear this with a black or charcoal grey roll neck long sleeve top for added layering, some black jeans and the Newton Cross Strap boots above. Perfect.

Lastly we need a bag to hold our shit together. This goatskin and vacchietta leather Darling Bowling Bag is the ideal one for me, personally. I have a general rule for my bags that if it can't hold my MacBook then it's a no go. I carry that thing around with me as though it were my child, so my bag has to be big enough to hold that and everything else deemed essential for my daily life. This style has me written all over it, so it was a no brainer when selecting it for this post. At 328GBP it's an investment piece, but it's one that's going to last. With my birthday coming up in a couple of months, this will definitely be getting shown to the boyf.
Everything you've seen in this post can be purchased via the brands website here.
Photo credit: ALLSAINTS.COM

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